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I started out studying physics at university, and even though I found my true calling in computer science, the physics mindset for problem solving and breaking things into smaller intuitive pieces has always stuck with me. I love solving engineering problems, specifically trying my best to reduce complexity as much as possible. I've found that the balance between general abstractions and concrete implementations is is a very fine line that's difficult to manage, but it's at the core of good system design.

Most of my professional and personal work has been with with web technologies, so I have strong fundamentals in that area. As a hobbyist, I've tinkered with artificial intelligence, image processing, programming languages, and graphics programming. I like the idea of open-source software and I make small contributions to projects that I use where I can. In the future, I'd like to get more deeply involved on an open source project.

I try very hard not to be dogmatic and keep an open mind to other solutions and ideas. I love mentoring new developers and the challenge that comes with giving them just the right hints and guidance while letting them have space to make mistakes or try things that I wouldn't do.

I enjoy exploring multiple ways to solve a problem while comparing them to break down their trade-offs and fundamental differences. I'm still a pragmatist though and I accept that code will never be perfect. For this reason I've found it's best to work iteratively and address the pain points of design as they come. An imperfect world requires imperfect solutions.

Personal Details

David Findley


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Oklahoma, Norman
2010 to 2015

Professional Experience

Sr Software Developer / Team Lead

2016 to Present

IT Support Tech IV

University of Oklahoma Math Department
2014 to 2015

Lab Systems Administrator

University of Oklahoma
2012 to 2014

Other Work